Android & iOS app for Bargain Cry


Bargaincry is an E-commerce platform that helps any kind of business whether it is a restaurant, clothing, electronics, etc to advertise their services and offers that they provide to the customers. It is a Business-to-Commerce platform for all kind of businesses who wants to reach a mass amount of audience and showcase their offerings. This helps to intrigue the customers and convert them into a paying customer. Android and iOS app of Bargaincry helps its clients to reach their customers more conveniently and effectively.


Customers always seek to save their money while purchasing anything. Offers and discount is their weakest point when it comes to shopping. And providing them offers helps you to Attract them towards you and make them your loyal customers. Bargaincry Fascinates the visitors on the website by displaying the offers, discount & coupons that you provide and turn them into your loyal customers. In a world of one-touch availability, Bargaincry also reached its hands on the mobile application. This application can help you to view and redeem offers anytime and anywhere possible.
How does it work?
Bargaincry works under certain criteria. The client has to first login with bargain cry in order to display their offers on it. Then they have to post whatever services and offers that they are providing in their store. the offers that the user provides will be then displayed as per customers preference. The customer then refers to the offer and can reach specific store website or app to redeem the offer.

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Online Advertisement Company, Digital Promotion Agency
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