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Appointment management works as a personal assistant to ease your daily work. May it be meetings, conferences, sessions, etc. Appointment management helps you to schedule all your activities and make your work life easy. similar to any other online calendar, Appointment Management allows you to pre-schedule any activity that you wanna commence and remind you about it accordingly.


Appointment Management assists you in all the ways possible. like:
• It schedules your daily work activity.
• It Remind you about your activities.
• It Keep all the records of your past activities which you can view anytime you want.
• It also helps you to reschedule or cancel any particular activity that has been done or is about to happen.

How does it work?

Application Management works on a simple algorithm of scheduling, rescheduling, cancellation, past data and reminders. You just have to schedule a day and time of your activity and name the activity accordingly. The Appointment management then reminds you about your activity on the entered time and date. If you want to reschedule that same activity but for another day and a different time, it will help you to simply edit and reschedule it. Appointment management also keeps data about your activities so that you can view it anytime you want to. Appointment management can be used by anyone either by you or by your personal assistant. It is a user-friendly portal for the betterment of work management.

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