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What is Elastic ?

Elastix is a unified communication server software that brings together IP PBX, email, IM, faxing and collaboration functionality. It has a Web interface and includes capabilities such as a call centre software with predictive dialling.

Elastix has multiple features and functionalities related with all the services available: IP Telephony, Mail Server, Fax Server, Conferences, Instant Messaging Server, among others. New features, functionalities and Services are added at the development of new versions.

Being such a great & useful platform, it is quite a hassle for most of the businesses to install and manage the whole system at first. We, at Hogo Works Solutions, can provide all the help you need, from installation to back support, to make most out of this wonderful system. List of Elastix functions that we can help you with includes:

  • PBX

    Call recording
    Conference center with virtual rooms
    SIP and IAX support,among others
    Voicemail-to-Email functionality

    Elastic Ubuntu, Ubuntu Services, Ubuntu Solution, Hogo World
  • Fax

    Fax server based on HylaFax
    Fax to email customization
    Fax visor with downloaded PDFs
    Access control for fax clients
    Fax to email application

    Elastic Ubuntu, Ubuntu Services, Ubuntu Solution, Hogo World
  • Collaboration

    PBX-integrated calendar with support for voice notifications
    Phone Book with click-to-dial capabilities
    Two CRM products integrated to the interface
    Web Conference
    New Features in Calender Module

    Elastic Ubuntu, Ubuntu Services, Ubuntu Solution, Hogo World
  • Instant messaging

    Openfire instant messaging server
    Report of user sessions
    IM client initiated calls
    Jabber support
    Web based management for IM server
    Plugins support

    Elastic Ubuntu, Ubuntu Services, Ubuntu Solution, Hogo World
  • Email

    Mail server with multi-domain support
    Support for quotas
    Web based management
    Antispam support
    Support for mail relay

    Elastic Ubuntu, Ubuntu Services, Ubuntu Solution, Hogo World
  • Call Center Module

    Elastix was the first distribution that included a call center module with a predictive dialer, released entirely as free software. This module can be installed from the same web-based Elastix interface through a module loader. The call center module can handle incoming and outgoing campaigns. Contact Hogo Works Solutions to set up your Elastic PBX and start experiencing the world class services.

  • Elastic Ubuntu, Ubuntu Services, Ubuntu Solution, Hogo World

    What is Ubuntu ?

    Ubuntu is an operating system just like Microsoft Windows & apple IOS, consisting of free and open source software. With Ubuntu, you can surf the web, read email, create documents, spreadsheets and more! Ubuntu gives you power and flexibility for business, education and home use. Ubuntu is easy to install, free of viruses, and perfect for laptops, desktops and servers.

    Ubuntu for your Business :

    In business, innovation is the only constant. Adapting rapidly to changing business practices and market conditions require highly agile technology infrastructure.

    First launched in 2006, Ubuntu Server is engineered to support the needs of business in the 21st century. As well as providing a cost-effective foundation for large, commoditised infrastructures in data centres and in the cloud, Ubuntu provides native support for literally thousands of next-generation business applications, from virtualisation and web serving to NoSQL and Big Data analytics.

    In the world of Windows, it gets quite expensive for any business with 20+ computers working together to purchase Windows for each one of them. Here, Ubuntu is a money-saver and practical operating software which provides up to 1000 free software with the same functionality as Windows.

    Why Choose Ubuntu:

    You can use Ubuntu in your office and save yourself from the expenses of windows OS license. You can do everything that you do on windows computer. Hogo works solutions have been working on Ubuntu since 2010 despite being Microsoft development partner and have years of experience in supporting the day to day issues while using Ubuntu which rarely comes. If you are interested in using this open-source operating system in your office instead of Windows then do let us know and we will provide you with all the possible help while helping you save some money.

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