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Ener-J is a very passionate technology, innovation and wholesale business company that sell's products that are energy efficient and environment-friendly. It is a company that provides you with exciting innovative electronic gadgets and products to make your life more modern and luxurious yet fit in your pockets. With over 8 years of experience in innovative products such as LED Lighting, solar energy and other carbon reduction products, Ener-J was created to take energy efficiency products to a new dimension, providing the very best in technology and innovative solutions and thereby making this world a better place to live in. Ener-j is trying to make things simpler and technology easy to understand, thereby giving you more free time to spend with your loved ones. Ener- J works closely with their partners and distributors who share similar ideology as them and treat every customer as the reason for their existence. Ener-J have strong distribution network across the UK and Europe and want more and more people to save energy & money using some innovative solutions.

Product line: -

Ener-J has a wide range of energy saving and environment-friendly products that will help you to save energy and your money on the energy bill. Products such as :
• Wireless switches
• Infrared heating panel
• Intelligent cameras & kit
• Ventilation fans
• Instant water taps
• Electrical accessories such as leaver connectors, mini T-junction, SanDisk
• memory card, etc.
• Smart Home Automation Kit with Security Alarm on the Camera
• Smart Home Security Kit With Outdoor Siren
• Independent WIFI IoT solutions
• Smart LED Tiles
• Eco Gadgets such as a solar sensor garden lamp, smart music LED ceiling lights, handy heater with a digital screen, etc
• LED Lighting Products like LED flickering lamps, LED high bay UFO style, candle filament bulb, etc

Online Advertisement Company, Digital Promotion Agency
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