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Many-a-times, we forget to do some things, some activities due to our busy work schedule. For which, we hire personal assistance. But being a human, mistakes happen. At such point, we look forward to technology to ease the way. That is why Hogoworld has created a better way for you to schedule all your activities. Event & Reminder software creates an easy way for you and your employee to track all the activities like meeting, conference, sessions etc and work accordingly.


Event & Reminder is very helpful software that will assist you to make your work life easy. It helps you to schedule your event accurately. It also reminds you of the event some time prior to spare so that you don't miss any event and reach there on time. It also helps you to record all your events past, present, future so that, you can view or edit it anytime you want.

How does it work?

Event & reminder, created by Hogoworld simply work on recording the event and reminding you about it. You just have to enter the event with the right date and time and the Event & Reminder software will remind you about it on the exact time you choose to.

Online Advertisement Company, Digital Promotion Agency
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