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Online advertising manager helps you to advertise your business not only on google but also on many other search engines like yahoo and bing. It also helps you to create online banners, Google Adwords, etc and portray your right image in front of right customers. The online advertising manager is nothing but a broad concept, which is used to refer to all kind of software that is designed to manage or help manage some sort of task or project.


Online advertising manager helps you to advertise yourself on big search engine portals. it also helps you to manage estimation, manage cost control and budget, mainly, online advertising manager helps you to plan, organize and manage resource tool and develop resources estimates.
Network Management: Hogo will provide online advertising manager which can help the product owner to self manage his/her ad network for all the day to day activities and to manage all the subscribers ad network.
Ad optimization: Utilizing this system you can have a complete control over promotion conveyance as far as focusing on just particular/pertinent clients, adapting activity, etc. This will benefit in reducing any wastage on Ad spend and to improvise your revenue.
Conversion Tracking: Hogo Ad server is intended to track just changes (CPA) and not any impressions or clicks as it is focused chiefly on the clients who would give a deal for the sponsor.
Account Manager: Hogo Ad server is outfitted with an extraordinary gimmick wherein an administrator can part his/her parts into numerous segments and can allot it to Managers who will be dealing with their individual record/parts which would profit in having a complete clarity/following on every single some piece of the advertisement system.
Monitoring and planning: We have both the product owner and the subscribers have the complete control over their respective networks which in turn will help them to manage and plan the activities in their ad networks independently.

Social Media Marketing Company, SEO Company, Marketing Agency
Social Media Marketing Company, SEO Company, Marketing Agency

How does it work?

unlike other software, Online advertising manager provides you with PPC services not just on google search but also on all other engines possible. PPC will then create traffic on your website and you get more visitors. And the more the visitors the more you get customers for your brand.

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