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Biryani house is an authentic fine dining restaurant specializing in Mughlai and Indian cuisines. It was established on the 1st of October 2012, under the partnership of Miss Nayantara and MR. Ravikant Mishra. Located in Kampala, Uganda, South Africa; Biryani house is a restaurant that also dispenses its customers with the venue for parties and events like Birthday party, Kitty party, Baby shower, Bridal shower, Graduation party, Farewell, welcome party, Ring ceremony, marriages, Pre-marriage meeting, Get-together and office party. Biryani house is widely famous in Uganda for its services that they provide and for the food that they serve especially Dum Biryani.


Being specialized in Muglai and Indian cuisines, Biryani house serves different types of food cuisines with a customer friendly environment. Biryani house serves food both in Vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. Hyderabadi Dum biryani, Tandoor, Panner butter masala etc, are some of their famous cuisines. Biryani house chefs have more than 30 years of experience in preparing such plater from famous Biryani center in India and abroad.


With food and beverages, Biryani House also provides its customers with a venue for parties and events. Any events like Birthday party, baby shower, get-together, farewell, office party, wedding, ring ceremony etc, Biryani house Host such events professionally. Either it is for children or adult's Celebration, Biryani house helps its customers accordingly. The customers can decorate the venue according to their style, mood and celebration. Biryani house only charges for the foods and beverages that they serve at the events. Biryani house has different types of venues for a limited amount of guests. One can book the entire Biryani house restaurants to entertain the guests but with a limit of 200-400 guests only.

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