Outbound Call handling

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    Since 2005, Hogo has been helping the clients to lower their operation cost by helping them hire call center professionals in India. In the financial crunch when the economy is hard and competition is increasing, businesses needs to cut costs without compromising on the services which they provide to their clients. In these difficult times, outsourcing non-core activities such as call center services have always helped companies beat the recession blues and stay competitive, agile and relevant in today's world. Telemarketing is very cost-effective when compared to hiring sales people. You can reach out to customers across the world with telemarketing.You can easily market products/services to your existing & potential customers. You can find out if customers are interested in your product/service right away. Hogo has been providing the below outbound call center services to various clients since 2005.

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    Telemarketing lead Generation Services, Appointment Setting services, Payment Due Date Reminder, Product promotion through Telemarketing, Market Research , Telesales lifestyle survey, Polling Survey, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Up selling & Cross Selling, Direct Mail follow-up services, Conference Invitee confirmation, Virtual Personal Assistant, Insurance Lead Generation, B2B lead generation, Event registration services, Conference registration services, Executive Appointment setting services, 3rd party verification, Electricity and Gas switching services.

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