Ping Tree Management

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Ping tree is a term of software, which is being used in online lead generation. It is the lead distribution software. This system is relevant to send a lead to different buyers in real-time. In simple terms, Ping tree management is a finance/loan application marketing software that helps you to get in touch with different money broker, lenders, buyers etc and sell your work as an affiliate marketer. The ping tree software makes you able to get more chances to have approvals on your lead generation. This software provides you with real-time analysis reports and statistics for having a record of your every precious lead. This software helps you to send your leads to a wide range of buyers. For every buyer that accepts your lead, you will get an appropriate commission for it.


The ping tree management is a simple way to distribute leads in the order of the buyer, paying the highest commission. Essentially, when any consumer fills his/ her details on the website, then it goes to different buyers immediately. Afterwards, you (our affiliates) get a commission on accepted leads. This Ping tree is an innovative and advanced way in the field of lead generation.

Online Advertisement Company, Digital Promotion Agency
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