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Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the most widely used platform to advertise various services and products with 2 billion active users worldwide. We are doing Facebook marketing for one of restaurant who had 1300 Facebook follower when we started out. In six months we have helped the restaurant get 40k followers and thousands of business enquiries worth more than $500,000. Our Facebook certified marketing experts in HOGO Works Solutions can help you find your next customer through Facebook marketing.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter has 400 million active users. It is one of the most widely used social media app around the world. People like Ex US president Obama & current President Trump uses Twitter to connect with their followers. A successful twitter advertising can help you achieve good leads from your interested customers. HOGO Works Solutions can help you set up your twitter page and design the twitter advertising strategy to get the desired result.

Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat is the new kid on the social media block who has impressed everyone with innovative ideas to connect people. With over 400 million active users, it is growing very raipdly. Brands and service providers who wants to connect with young guns of this world who are busy changing this century, looks at Snapchat to advertise their products and services. HOGO Works Solutions with its experienced team can help you get on Snapchat and help you win some fans from millions of Snapchat users.

Instagram Marketing

As we know that its been 7 years, since instagran introduced us to filter and superb square format photos. Instagram was launched in 2010, it has taken the world by like a hurricane. It seems like everyone - along with thier dog is on this plateform. I love scrolling new feed in instagram, but I dont know whether this app will work for my business or not. well, I will show you some stats: 28% US adults use Instagram, more than 75% of the app user is out side of the US country. Then over all user on Instagram is estimated as 700 milion per month. Don't you think this plateform isn't for personal use anymore. Instagram is a full-fledged, global platform that allows brands to humanize their content, recruit new talent, showcase products, and inspire their audience.
Not only does Instagram have a lot of users, they’re engaged. More than half (51%) of the platform’s active users visit the site daily, and 35% say they check it multiple times a day. The photo and video sharing app has quickly turned into a top social media site.

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