Software Services

Software Development involves writing a series of interrelated set of programming codes, which enables the functionality of the developed software. Till date, We have developed promising softwares for our Clients, suitable for their business with large number of features & functionality. We have already provided winning solutions to offshore call centers, financial loan brokers, mortgage brokers, hotel & travel operators, point of sale service providers, utility operators and many more. Our development team includes professional developers, who works on platforms like: PHP, CI(code ignitor), Core PHP, Wordpress, Magento, Laravel and much more.

Services we provide for Software Development

  • Custom software development

    At Hogo Works Solutions, We believe that Every Business has different modules of working then how can their softwares be same? Thats why, we develop custom softwares tailored according to your Business structure & its working model so that it can be beneficial & user friendly at the same time. Just tell us all your requirements & expectation; & Our team will do its best to match your expectations.

  • Software migration

    Software Migration mainly deals with migrating features & functions of existing software into a newly developed one. There are various actions which make it possible. Hogo Works Solutions provides end-to-end software migration services, which includes Migration strategy planning, Data Extraction, Cleansing, Loading, Verification, Testing, and Implementation.

  • CRM Development

    The Customer Relationship Management program is developed to preserve customer records at a central place that can be accessed by every employee. Based on your requirements & our analysis, we'll build a CRM system which will be highly secured, very user-friendly and will be loaded with custom features as per your needs. We have developed many CRMs till now for better Human Resource Management, TeleSales, Lead generation & many more. We have even developed CRMs for Hotels & Restaurants to handle customers & their orders easily.

  • Content Management Services

    Content management deals with the collection, management & publish of information on any online platform through any medium (Text, Image or Video). Be it a highly interactive CMS for a brand website; a simple and user-friendly CMS for self-managed portal; or an enterprise wide content management system, Hogo Works Solutions cover services and solutions for every requirement.

  • IT strategy & consulting

    To reduce the overall expenses & cost spent on IT development, It is essential to have proper Strategy & Planning for all the actions. Hogo Works Solutions is ready to deliver required strategies & tailored advice according to your requirements, so that you can take decisions fast.

  • Maintenance & Support.

    Software Maintenance & Support mainly deals with correction of errors or software modifications. It is important to modify your software according to your business growth & its hassles. Hogo Works Solutions has important and direct experience in the maintenance and support services such as: Version Upgrade, Database and Language Migration, Porting & Re-Engineering and Functionality.

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