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Sure energy is UK’s leading green lighting technology distributor, specialized in innovative, next-generation LED lighting solutions that improve lighting quality, improve efficiency, and enhance the environment through reduced energy consumption. Sure energy’s goal is to serve the growing need for energy-efficient, sustainable lighting and smart control solutions. Sure energy has over 15 years of combined experience in lighting distribution and has produced & distributed many innovative products which have shaped today’s industry.


Climate changes are taking place rapidly due to global warming on our planet. Our earth is covered with 75% of water yet we are struggling for every drop of it. In a world of technology where everything is accessible in one touch, many people are still struggling for light and have to live in darkness without electricity. That's why Sure energy provides you with a wide range of power saving product for a better tomorrow. Products like:
• LED panel series
• LED downlighters
• LED tubes & batten
• LED flood lights & LED street
• LED high bay series
• LED SMD strips & modules
• LED lamps
and many other power saving products that can help you to save electricity bill. Sure energy provides you with the best products at very attractive prices. It also provides you with the facility of returning a product if you didn't like it. Sure energy provides you with the fastest next day delivery for free. You can also turn into a retailer and sell any product related to lights and power saving to Sure energy.

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