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Talent on rent is a recruitment based portal that helps companies around the world to recruit Indian professional for the desired position. It was started and promoted by Hogo Works Solutions Pvt. Ltd which has been in the Call center, BPO & Software business for the last 12 years since 2005. Talent on rent has worked with more than 300 clients till date from UK, US, Australia, India, China & Germany. Its vast experience of understanding the need of the client and delivering them what they need is what makes the talent on rent different than other companies operating in the same domain.


Talent on rent works as a bridge between the company and the candidate. It helps Indian professionals to find the right job not only in India but also in abroad. The benefits we get after enrolling with the talent on rent is that it provides full recruitment support, it manages the payroll of the employees, it does not take any office admin fees, it provides you with 30 days termination notice so that no candidate is jobless immediately and can find another job. Talent on rent provides you with very less work station cost and saves up to 90% of your expenses. It provides Quick hiring without charging extra for IT support. Talent on rent has bright talented professionals who can work for you with great enthusiasm and dedication.
How does it work?
Talent on rent has made it very simple for you to hire professionals from India through Talentonrent.com. Talent on rent is a very User - amiable website that helps you to recruit the right person for the right position in your company. First, you need to sign up with the talent on rent. After signing up you need to share the requirement with us. Talent on rent then will charge you with a tentative cost for the requirement. After the requirement, you need to pay a small amount of deposit which is refundable at any point of time. Then the Talent on rent will shortlist the candidates whom you can interview. We, the talent on rent, will then finalize the final salary of the candidate after discussing with him/her. If preferable with you and the candidate then the candidate will be free to join you and then can start working for you.

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