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Why Partner with Hogo for your App development

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There are more than 6 million apps in this world which means there are more million companies or individuals offering the same service. Therefore how do you evaluate and identify the best company to develop your app. Everyone will tell you that they are the best but you have to still judge them all before finalizing the lucky one to work on your dream project. We would love to talk to you to understand your need, requirement and then give our suggestions which will be true replica of our experience and understanding. The reasons you should choose Hogo are plenty, some of them could be described below :

We ask questions :
Many experienced companies tend to believe that they know it all. After all there are so many apps that are just the old version of your dream app. At Hogo, we tend to meet you with a clean slate to understand your dream, your passion and your app. Once we understand it then we look at all the apps providing similar services to identify the gaps between your app and the existing apps. If we don’t find any then we ask you questions which you might not like to hear but they are important for the survival of your app in the future. Its better to face difficult questions than difficult time.

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Your App is your Brand :
There are many app development companies who have designed more than thousands of apps. Customer feels that they will be the best fit as they have more experience. But the fact is, those companies are just like factories producing the same thing over and over again. We believe in brand theory where consumers pays top dollars for bigger brands even though they are coming from the same manufacturing factory. Even though we have not designed hundreds of app, but we don’t want to. When it comes to designing, we want to focus on handful of customers whom we can provide the app with Brand Effect following our Brand Theory.

Kicking Since 2005 :
When we started Hogo, the apps were yet to become the mainstream phenomenon. We started out as a Call Center & BPO to provide the outsourcing services to our clients in US, UK & Australia. We did pretty well, infact so well that by 2008 we had our own 200 workstation office with more than 200 active employees working with us. Then came the first earthquake in our business which wiped majority of our financial clients through sub prime crisis. We were young and didn’t know much about surviving in the crisis but we survived. We not only survived but became 400 headstrong by 2014. Then we faced another jolt in UK market and had to close our UK bpo unit. Today, our group is operating in US market in energy sector. We are providing solutions to clients in Uganda & Kenya. We are developing the dreams of our clients from US. Hogo provides the much needed support to electric & electronic product manufacturing company in UK. We are the outsourced supply chain managers of UK firm. We are giving the wings to our client from US to achieve their goal. There are many companies but very few of them who have the tendency to survive and grow.


Africa-US-India :
We are proud about the fact that our company has not only provided solutions to Indian companies but also have designed full fledged app for African companies. We understand Africa and the ingredients needed to make a successful App for african clients. Similarly we have designed app from scratch for our American client and we understand the US market as well. Our expert App developers can help you get the best App for your region.

Free review :
There are very few companies in the world, who would take a task of reviewing your existing app and have their expert developers come up with suggestions, all for free. Yes thats true, we won’t charge you a dime to review your app.

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Global reach :
Although our development unit is based out of Mumbai & Hyderabad in India but we have clients from all over the world. US, UK, Australia, India & Africa are all the places where we have our active and passive clients. We have provided our services to Hospitality sector, FMCG sector, Media and many more.

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