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The restaurant business is growing rapidly these days in India especially in Mumbai. It gets tough to run a business like this in such a competitive world. One needs to stand out in order to stay in the market. People are in search of something unique and attractive at the same time. And if a restaurant provides offers then it entices customers easily. At such time, going creatively online on the internet takes your business a level up. In a world of the internet where everything is available online, having a website and App makes your work easy and you reach to your customers conveniently within your budget. Mappfy is a website & software development and marketing firm in India that gives you the freedom to create your own website and App for restaurants, bar, pub, cafe etc and reach end number of people all over the world. Mappfy was established in the year 2018 in Mumbai, India by Mr Ravikant Mishra who is also the director of Hogoworld Pvt. Ltd. Creating a website with Mappfy provides you with online order & reservation, event showcase, website manager, loyalty coupons & cashback, feedback & reviews and social media sharing in the lowest cost possible.


Mappfy helps you in many ways. In a world of internet, Mappfy helps you to create your own website and app. this helps you to reach a large number of audience. Marketing has become a need of the hour today, that's why Mappfy helps you to market and advertise your brand all over the world. It helps you spread awareness about your brand in between the customers. Mappfy also helps you to manage your customer data management and customer relationship management so that you and your customer can interact with each other if in case of any problem. And it helps you to retrieve customers through the restaurant loyalty program.
Mobile app:
Mobile apps are making tremendous growth in today's world. Everything in need is just one download away. May it be clothes, food, house/job hunt, or entertainment. Everything that is required the phone provides. That's why it is necessary to have a mobile application to grow a business. Having a mobile app, let the company reach the customers and the customer reach the company conveniently. Mappfy provides you with the service of creating any Android and IOS app for any restaurant business. The features that mappfy provides while creating App for restaurants are Online order & Reservations, Event showcase, Website manager, Loyalty & coupons cashback, Feedback & reviews and Social media sharing.

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Online Advertisement Company, Digital Promotion Agency
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